Heartwarming: Dad Reunites With Daughter Thanks To Shared Parenting

July 31, 2019

The work of the Kentucky chapter of the National Parents Organization has been highlighted in a newspaper article:https://www.thegleaner.com/story/news/2019/07/26/henderson-dad-celebrates-anniversary-kentucky-shared-parenting-law/1841407001/

“Three years ago, Jordan Pyles was a very unhappy father. Now, he is celebrating the first anniversary of a new law that helped make him much happier.

“Kentucky received a D-minus, with only two states being lower,” said Matt Hale, who was the founder and then-head of the Kentucky affiliate of the NPO.

“Kentucky was behind the nation in family court law,” Hale said. “The law was archaic and put a lot of stress and pressure on families breaking apart. It put a lot of stress on parents and a lot of stress on children.”

Now, Kentucky has default shared parenting and Jordan’s daughter is one of the many kids winning by having equal time with both parents. 

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Jordan and daughter

One thought on “Heartwarming: Dad Reunites With Daughter Thanks To Shared Parenting

  1. Let us salute the state of Kentucky in the US for having the farsightedness to enact a law on shared parenting . We should lobby our Members of Parliament to take the initiative to look after the welfare of the rakyat in enacting such a law. Perhaps our MPs need to be prompted or the rakyat needs to be pro active if the situation calls for urgent reforms in our archaic family law system. Further lawyers who are acting in cohort with their clients to encourage and cause parental alienation to the detriments and sufferings of children and the alienated parents be exposed and shamed in public. They have been hiding under the cloak of professional clients/lawyers privileges for too long. The time has come to unearth and get rid of this scum who are operating very subtly under the cover of a respectable profession. For the knowing to remain in silence and do nothing would be unforgivable and would only encourage them to continue and perpetuate this ‘criminal activity’

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