Italy: New Initiative To Overcome Parental Alienation And Protect Children

A new approach to the problem of parental alienation by one parent against the other is be trialled by the Children and Family Court Advisory and Support Service (Cafcass) in an attempt of prevent the potential for long term emotional damage to the children who are subject to such actions. It is increasingly observed that the practice of alienation, often by the custodial parent against the other parent, is both damaging to the child and unnecessarily costly and time consuming to the non-custodial parent when attempting to restore contact with their own child or children.

Cafcass indicated that as many as 6,000 children are affected and as over 50% of children of divorcing parents are under 11 years old many of them will be very young. Roughly 10% of Cafcass’ entire work load involves parental alienation where one parent is attempting to influence a child against the other parent. Part of the new Initiative will involve sanctions against the alienating parent which ultimately could involve removing the child from their custody.


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